What is Consultancy?


”Consultancy is a professional practice that gives expert advice.”

We are experts with over 60 years experience working in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector.


We know the industry, the government regulations, the management decisions that have to be made, and how to build a strong team of educators focused on the best outcomes for the child.


Case Study 1.


A community based preschool was having trouble meeting the needs of families and children in a small country town. An ECQ consultant worked with the centre manager to locate and apply for funding for building modifications to allow the centre to expand and extend their hours. This was achieved, ensuring on-going financial viability in tough economic conditions, providing a valuable service and resource for the small rural community.


Case Study 2.


A training organisation needed an experienced consultant to write and present a package on the Early Years Learning Frameworks. An ECQ consultant was enlisted, supporting the introduction of the Frameworks in regional areas.


Case Study 3.


A private operator had seven centres and needed a consultant to advise on the pedagogical and educational program in the centres. An ECQ consultant was able to work with the centres helping with documentation, planning and staffing issues. Centres we have supported, participating in the NQF Assessment and Rating process have achieved pleasing results.


Why engage an ECQ Consultant? Because we know how challenging it can be to manage an Early Childhood Centre, we understand the complexities, and the joys … and the benefits of having a consultant, mentor or coach to support you in your journey.