Professional Development



Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.


-Nelson Mandela


Professional Development, led by experienced and knowledgeable presenters can facilitate profound change in the culture of a centre. We empathise with the educator – inspiring, challenging, supporting and provoking deeper reflection and understanding of the issues educators face daily.

ECQ consultants can provide professional development for your particular needs. You ask, and we will facilitate to best achieve your goals.


Some topics which are currently popular are:

*Beautiful environments and learning spaces.

* Infants and toddlers. Let us show you the joy!

* Workable, quick and meaningful learning stories for life

*Making a Quality Improvement Plan usable everyday.

*Assessment and rating. What to do and expect?

*Staff appraisals. Feared or Fancied? Make it happen!

* Early Childhood Education and Care policies simplified.

* Educators educate, enjoy and thrive on challenge. So much more than Childcare !


Contact us to discuss your professional development needs and options – you choose a time, and space that suits you and your educators.


We can also provide ongoing mentoring for managers, educators and committee members engaged in early childhood services.


Are you a small service without an Early Childhood Teacher? Let us help you with our cost effective solution for access to an Early Childhood Qualified Teacher to guide your pedagogical practice up to 11 hours a week.